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  • Episode 232: BBEdit 14: It wasn’t just about the money

    Rich Siegel of Bare Bones returns to the Podcast to talk about BBEdit 14, Containers, the App Store writ large, and everything he’s excited about in Monterey. Annnnnd why “It […]

  • Episode 231: Slacking the VMwares

    One of the best things you can do to boost productivity and save yourself time is automate tasks. (For example, we love moving workflows into Slack.) In this episode Tom, […]

  • Episode 230: Declaration of Management with Weldon Dodd

    Apple announced Declarative Management is coming to iOS 15 for User Enrollment. We’re here to talk about Declarative Management in Depth with Weldon Dodd of Kandji. Hosts: Tom Bridge, Principal […]

  • Episode 229: Erika Noerenberg

    Threat hunting and forensics is possibly one of the most interesting aspects of IT. It’s like we’re starring in our own version of one of those crime shows. But we […]

  • Episode 228: Supply Chain Attackery

    Most Mac Admins use a device management tool – be it agentless (ie MDM which arguably has a first party agent) or one that uses an agent to provide more […]

  • Episode 227: You Have 15 Seconds To Comply with Shrav Mehta

    Sometimes compliance seems like a bunch of checkboxes. And it can be. But in today’s episode we’re going to spend some time looking at what all those checkboxes mean, where […]

  • Episode 226: I Do Declare, with Apple

    We welcome back Jeremy Butcher from Apple to talk about Declarative Management, Apple’s new framework for Mobile Device Management, as well as macOS Monterey, Erase all Contents and Settings, and […]

  • Episode 225: Suspicious Apparencies

    Most Macadmins use Suspicious Package regularly. Many also use Apparency. But few know much about the person behind all this awesomeness. In today’s episode we’ll interview Randy Saldinger, of Mothers […]

  • Episode 224: Homebridge

    Most Mac Admins use a lot of Apple products. A lot of us also use Homekit either at home or at work. And some of us run a special server […]

  • Episode 223: The Nature of Innovation

    This week’s episode digs in a bit on something we feel we glossed over in the previous episode with Greg Neagle. Innovation runs rampant in the open source communities (in […]

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