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  • Episode 359: Mac@Cisco – A Mac Admins Perspective

    Most of us will have seen or heard about Fletcher Previn’s presentation at JNUC 2023 around the employee choice program at Cisco, and how the numbers stack up for offering […]

  • Episode 358: Kim Trojanowski on SupportApp

    In this episode we meet Kim Trojanowski and hear a little about her experience with SupportApp and finding and working with new tools. Hosts: Guests: Links: Listen: Sponsors: Patreon Sponsors: […]

  • Episode 357: Jordan Burnette on Transitioning From A Solo Admin To Team

    Being a solo admin is great! So is going to a larger team, where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. We interview Jordan Burnette about […]

  • Episode 356: Workbrew

    The team from Workbrew joins us this week to discuss the challenges MacAdmins face with Homebrew at their companies. We discuss ways to cut down on IT busywork while also […]

  • Episode 355: Arek Dreyer – Back By Popular Demand

    When polled, one of the most requested guests was one we’ve had on before, Arek Dreyer. So rather than tell Arek, what we wanted to talk about, we thought we’d […]

  • Episode 354: Cody Thomas

    Keychain is one of the best password managers on the market – especially for the money. In this episode, we chat with Cody Thomas about his research into Keychain security, […]

  • Episode 353: MacAD for 2024

    MacAD returns to Brighton in May of 2024! We’re excited to welcome members of the organizing committee, Maxine & Liam join the podcast to talk about this year’s conference, what […]

  • Episode 352: Blake Brandon from 1Password

    Admins face challenges with their own vaults of secrets. How do we secure/share secrets like passwords, but also those that aren’t, like SSH keys, certs, or passkeys? And what about […]

  • Episode 351: Yoann Gini on Bravas

    Bravas is a new offering based out of the EU, focused on the small business market. Identity and Device Management together, they’re trying something new for the SMB market. Hosts: […]

  • Episode 350: Shyam Bhojwani on Workato for Mac Admins

    The world is a collection of not-yet-interconnected endpoints. Today, we’re going to talk to Shyam Bhojwani, Director, Business Technology & Cybersecurity on one of the ways to connect those endpoints! […]

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