• Flashcast 14: WWDC 2024 Live

    So it feels like we should all be wearing white jumpsuits with awesome rainbow stripes, preparing to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane… It’s been a whirlwind week since […]

  • Episode 367: Vision Pro Redux

    Six Months into the Vision Pro, where are we? What’s working? What’s not? How are people thinking about this new technological innovation?. This conversation was made possible by our sponsors […]

  • Episode 366: WWDC 2024 Predictions, Part 2

    This week Tom, Marcus, and Emily finish off their predictions for next week’s Apple World Wide Developer Conference. This conversation was made possible by our sponsors Kandji and Kolide. Hosts: […]

  • Episode 365: Live at MacADUK 2024

    Tom hosts a live episode directly from the MacAD conference stage in Brighton as part of this year’s event! Catriona McDonald, Elliot Jordan, and Liam Donnelly join to talk about […]

  • Episode 364: WWDC 2024 Predictions, Part 1

    This week Tom, Marcus, James, and Emily round up for what they assume is part one of their Apple World Wide Developer Conference predictions for 2024. This conversation was made […]

  • Episode 363: Evaluating New Tech, Part II

    New tech comes and goes faster than ever. In today’s episode we’ll look at evaluating when it’s time to come to users with plans and/or products to help them either […]

  • Episode 362: ACES Conference with Justin Esgar

    Justin Esgar returns to the pod to tell us all about the upcoming ACES Conference in Salt Lake City! Hosts: Links: Listen: Patreon Sponsors: The Mac Admins Podcast has launched […]

  • Episode 361: Just Us

    Remember the ‘90s when Micrososft was the big bad wolf with their anti-competitive methods of pushing Internet Explorer at the expense of Netscape and other non-microsoft browsers? Now the eye […]

  • Episode 360: Tim Perfitt on XCreds 4.0

    Tim Perfitt is back to talk about animal husbandry and the best new features that are in XCreds 4.0! Hosts: Guests: Links: Listen: Sponsors: Patreon Sponsors: The Mac Admins Podcast […]

  • Episode 359: Mac@Cisco – A Mac Admins Perspective

    Most of us will have seen or heard about Fletcher Previn’s presentation at JNUC 2023 around the employee choice program at Cisco, and how the numbers stack up for offering […]

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