• Episode 307: HomeKit Panel

    HomeKit and the Home app. There are many like it, but this is the kit (no pun intended) that Apple has vetted for automating the home. This ecosystem of products […]

  • Episode 306: Filewave APIs with Josh Levitsky

    We love APIs. It tells us a little about products and a lot about how various vendors feel about structured automation. In today’s episode we’ll chat about the FileWave API […]

  • Episode 305: Inside Baseball: Getting What You Need From Product Managers

    There’s always news. So we’ll talk about that for a hot minute. We’ll also talk about how to get the most from products that, well, don’t do everything you want […]

  • Episode 304: webauthn and webauthn.io

    Apple’s version of passkeys are the latest piece of a sprawling identity picture for the Apple platform that isn’t widely supported just yet – which is a perfect time to […]

  • Episode 303: Application Vulnerability Testing

    We have these computers. And they are truly bastion hosts. Nothing comes in, and only that with which we want goes out. They’re perfect when we finish setting them up. […]

  • Episode 302: MacADUK 2023 in Brighton!

    Spring is coming, and with it, MacADUK’s return to Brighton, England for this year’s first European Mac Admin Conference. We’re talking with two of the organizing committee, Alex Hawes and […]

  • Episode 301: A Team of One

    According to a recent PDQ survey, 85% of people who manage devices are a team of 1. Many of our guests have a small scope to their job: they manage […]

  • Episode 300: Just Us

    It’s just us again, and that means we’re talking about everything going on right now. Layoffs, new hardware, Ventura and Deferrals, and then Passkeys, Hardware Tokens and Apple IDs, and […]

  • Episode 299: Vira Tkachenko, CTO at MacPaw

    We’ve wanted to have an episode with MacPaw since far before Ukraine was invaded on February 24th, 2022. Then we pushed it back over and over out of respect for […]

  • Episode 298: Stringing Together Workflows

    One of the most useful things we do is to automate tasks. Some of those tasks might be opening and closing tickets; others would be making a change on an […]

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