Episode 80: Behind the Rainbow Curtain


It’s a roundtable episode of the Mac Admins Podcast, as Pepijn has some news to share, and the team talks about all manner of things. Join us for a very special episode of the Mac Admins Podcast

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Links & Notes

Ephemeral Notifications remain in a DB that’s readable

And a new app to show you what’s there! New Utility: ‘AuRevoir’

IoT Systems can use insecure methods to receive your Wi-Fi

Armin Briegel has a new book on the Installer

25 years of BBEdit

10 million devices under Jamf Management

GDPR compliant version of Jamf Pro

DataJar Magentagate

Munki 3.3 release

Signing Munki for Greater Security

Chrome to change security visibility

Malware using MDM

The Greatest Line in Comedy

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