Episode 36: Fleetsmith with Jesse Endahl

Mac Admins Podcast, Episode 36: Fleetsmith with Jesse Endahl


What’s it like to re-think Mac management from the ground up? We ask Jesse Endahl, Chief Security Officer and Chief Product Officer for Fleetsmith in a wide-ranging interview.


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Links & Notes

Yellow Dog Linux


Securing Kubernetes (BSides)


Block Block

Giant Bags of Mostly Water

Attack Driven Defense

Proton.B teardown

Proton.B teardown – Thomas Reed

Proton.B teardown – Patrick Wardle, Part 1

Proton.B teardown – Patrick Wardle, Part 2

Google Santa

Defender RCE

Behind the Scenes iOS Security

Demystifying the SEP Paper & Demystifying the SEP Presentation PDF

How Steve Fleeced Carly

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