Episode 23: Live at Mac AD UK with Henry Stamerjohann, Éric Falconnier and Richard Purves

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 23: Live at Mac AD UK

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A live episode taped at Mac AD UK in London, with guests Richard Purves (returning), Henry Stamerjohann & Éric Falconnier joining Tom, Pepijn and Charles to talk about the MacADUK conference.

Links & Notes

Charles Edge: MDM
Tom Bridge: Munki Mistakes Made Right
Pepijn Bruienne:
Henry Stamerjohann & Éric Falconnier: Zentral
Richard Purves: SmartCard Authentication

Mac Admins Podcast, Episode 12 with Richard Purves

Apfelwerk — consultants, apple trainers, MSP and JAMF reseller/integrator

Zentral Basic Information
Zentral Project code
Zentral Project wiki
Zentral Project deployment

OSquery – endpoint visibility

Santa – binary whitelisting/blacklisting and monitoring

ELK Stack (now the Elastic Stack) + Beats
Log management platform, a collection of open-source products + logshipping with beats
Elastic Search

Vector ClockAn algorithm for generating a partial ordering of events in a distributed system and detecting causality violations.

Nagios – IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Icinga – Computer system and network monitoring application.

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