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  • Episode 225: Suspicious Apparencies

    Most Macadmins use Suspicious Package regularly. Many also use Apparency. But few know much about the person behind all this awesomeness. In today’s episode we’ll interview Randy Saldinger, of Mothers […]

  • Episode 224: Homebridge

    Most Mac Admins use a lot of Apple products. A lot of us also use Homekit either at home or at work. And some of us run a special server […]

  • Episode 223: The Nature of Innovation

    This week’s episode digs in a bit on something we feel we glossed over in the previous episode with Greg Neagle. Innovation runs rampant in the open source communities (in […]

  • Episode 222: Greg Neagle Returns!

    On this week’s episode, we bring Greg Neagle back to discuss what’s new in Munki, & its transition to a native app on Apple Silicon, Some more follow-up from WWDC […]

  • Episode 221: Nerding Out With Some Tips And Tricks

    We pick new stuff up here and there. Little things that when combined together add up to give us a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the Apple ecosystem. In this episode […]

  • Episode 220: WWDC Roundup

    Apple held WWDC last week – what were our impressions now we have been able to deep dive into the management and developer tracks Hosts: Tom Bridge, Principal Product Manager, […]

  • Flashcast 05: WWDC 2021

    Apple held WWDC’s First Day on 7 June 2021 and this is our commentary on how we survived it all! Here’s what we know about iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS […]

  • Episode 219: Home Automation with Stuart Lamont

    Home automation is a thing. It’s been here for a long time, it’s crossed the chasm as tech, and it’s ready for the masses. In today’s episode we chat with […]

  • Episode 218: Apple Enterprise Report Card, with Jason Snell of Six Colors

    Our friends at Kandji commissioned Jason Snell of Six Colors to put together an Enterprise Report Card for Apple. We’re here to talk about how Mac Admins feel about Apple’s […]

  • Episode 217: Yoann talks Credentia

    Yoann Gini joins the pod to talk about his new product, Credentia – a new Login Window plugin for the Mac. Guests: Yoann Gini, CEO, Abelionni Hosts: Tom Bridge, Principal […]

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