Episode 82: Hope is a Cruel Mistress, Live at MacDevOps YVR


Live at Mac Dev Ops! Dana Campbell of Slack, Joel Rennich of Orchard & Grove, and Mat X of the Mac Dev Ops YVR conference join Tom Bridge and Diana Birsan to look at what we know so far about macOS Mojave.

Your Hosts:


  • Dana Campbell, Global IT Manager, Slack [@danajc]
  • Mat X, Mac Dev Ops YVR [@MacDevOpsYVR]
  • Joel Rennich, Chief Instigator at Orchard & Grove [@mactroll]

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Links & Notes

WebKit’s new Tracking Prevention 2.0

Good running Google Doc here with Q&A onsite thanks to Sergio

WWDC Platform State of the Union

Your Apps and the Future of macOS Security

What’s new in Managing Apple Devices

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