Episode 59: Personalizing the Install Process with François Levaux-Tiffreau


François Levaux-Tiffreau joins the Pod to talk about SplashBuddy, being an open source contributor, and what it’s like consulting at the Enterprise level.

Your Hosts:

  • Pepijn Bruienne, R&D Engineer at Duo Security [@bruienne], Proprietor of EnterpriseMac.Bruienne.com
  • Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary LLC [@tbridge]
  • Charles Edge
  • Dr. Emily Kausalik, Systems Engineer, The Home Depot [@emilyooo]
  • Charles Edge, Director of Professional Services, Jamf Software [@cedge318]


  • François Levaux-Tiffreau, Senior Apple Consultant at Amaris [@ftiff]

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Links & Notes

Culture First Onboarding
Jamf And…
Travis CI, Customizing the Build

THE BEST INFOSEC COMPANY IN THE WORLD (so they say) have supposedly broken Face ID

Putting iPhone X to the Twin Test

No, Apple doesn’t give away your Face ID data to 3rd party apps

MDM and the Kextpocalypse
Kextpocalypse 2: The Remediation
User Approved MDM, SimpleMDM

iOS 11.1.1 fixes autocorrect issue, much fun was poked at Apple

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