Episode 58: It’s Raining Shoes


The hosts get together to talk news & notes, including User-Accepted Mobile Device Managers, and more.

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Links & Notes

New UAKEL in 10.13.2 betas: Radar 1 Radar 2

Currently would prevent those devices added by, say, a QuickAdd in Jamf Pro, from being opted into SKEL environments. Has to be either a DEP device enrollment, or a user-permitted onboarding NOT via package, but by accepted Profile.
If you use both Jamf Pro QuickAdd AND Kernel Extensions, there is a bug to dupe because you may be affected.

Also new UAMDM

DEP will imply user acceptance
Any other method of enrolling a Mac will prompt end user for approval

Apple to allow Apple IDs with third part email addresses to migrate to icloud, .mac, .me

AppleTV 4K beta change for resolution independence

End of Adobe + Dolby Licensing changes availability of some CC products

APFS Snapshots done at Software Updates

APFS snapshots can be restored in normal macOS 10.13 environment. Time Machine System Restore app is on the recovery partition.

HomeKit support for IKEA smart lighting

Open Tradfri on Github

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Conference Sites

MacTech Conference in Los Angeles, CA on November 15-17 2017
Mac AD UK in Leicester Square, February 20-21, 2018
MacDevOps YVR in Vancouver, June 8-9, 2018


Jamf User Group New York City will meet on Tuesday 11/14 at 4:30pm

Utah Mac Admins will meet Wednesday 11/15 at 11am at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah.

Atlanta Apple Admins on Thursday 11/16 at 6pm at SalesLoft

Macbrained YVR on November 22nd at Hootsuite

Franken Macadmins meetup on November 22nd at 6:30pm at Grüner Brauhaus Fürth at Theresienstrasse Ein, in Fürth, Germany. For more information, visit #franken-macadmins on the Mac Admins Slack.

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