Episode 46: Hot Sauce Talk with Allen Hancock of Watchman Monitoring


Allen Hancock of Watchman Monitoring joins the Podcast to talk about what it’s like to transition from consulting to SaaS-provider, as well as the history of the product.

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Links & Notes

Penn State MacAdmins Videos

Steve Yuroff: It’s Incredible This Works At All

Proactive Support Course and Certification

A 2 hour course and certification for people looking to promote the proactive support they provide. Next events in Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in conjunction with MacTech events

BackupMinder – Watchman Monitoring offers a tool to trim backups which might otherwise fill a hard drive. Released with an MIT license

Adobe signs the death warrant for Flash

Hot Sauces of Mac Admins:

Valentina Hot Sauce

Beerenberg Chilli Sauce

Langdon Wood 1814 Hot Sauce

Gochujang Sriracha

Community Calendar, Sponsored by Watchman Monitoring

Conference Sites

CMD-D Conference in Santa Clara, CA August 9
Macsysadmin in Gothenburg, Sweden October 3-6 17
JNUC in Minneapolis, MN October 24-26


MacDMV will meet August 15th at ID.me in Tysons Corner, Virginia
Mac Admin Monthly will meet August 8th at Google in New York, and via Google Hangout.
Philly Mac Admins August meet up on the 17th at the Walnut street apple store @ 6pm
Austin Apple Admins will meet September 6th at Eanes ISD in Austin, TX.

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