About the MacAdmins Slack Team

What is this MacAdmins Slack people talk about?

The MacAdmins Slack is a community where anyone can join and discuss issues they face with the Apple devices in their care.

  • There is no cost for you to join this community
  • Conversations run from #GettingStarted to in-depth discussion in many of its #too-many-channels
  • This is a welcoming community, in line with its Code of Conduct.

How does one join this free slack team?

  • Enter an email address of yours at: MacAdmins.org
  • You will verify the address, and choose a unique username by which you will be known.
  • You may opt-out of Slack’s periodic emails, your address will not be added to any other list. Only the admin team can view your address.

How does one log in after joining?

Here are some common ways to participate:

I’m logged in, now what?

Conversation happens in “channels”. Channels are often focused on technology topic areas, like the ones for #wifi, #dep and #adobe, or geographic regions like #anzmac, #cascadia, and #london, or professional development topics like #jobs-chat, #diversity and #blog-feed.

Every user is automatically added to a few key channels:

  • #announcements
  • #ask-about-this-slack
  • #general
  • #gettingstarted

Announcements will be receive only periodic posts from the Admin Team. Each user is welcome to join or leave other channels depending on current needs.

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