Episode 51: Ed Marczak


Ed Marczak of Google joins us to talk about his story as a Mac Admin, as well as the many projects that Google has built, and also a lot of great history about MacTech Conference

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  • Ed Marczak, MacOps team at Google [@marczak]

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Links & Notes


Speaking Professionally

Macysadmin 2013 – Ed Marczak “The Future”

Ed Marczak at MacDevOps: How To Fail

Cauliflower Vest

Zombies Run

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Conference Sites

Macsysadmin in Gothenburg, Sweden October 3-6 2017
JNUC in Minneapolis, MN October 24-26, 2017
MacTech Conference in Los Angeles, CA on November 15-17 2017


Mac DMV 16th of September at noon at Tunnicliff’s Tavern in DC
University of Utah Mac Admins Wed, Sept 20th @ 11am MT in the Marriott Library, room 1705a.
Atlanta Apple Admins Thursday 21st September – venue TBD
Melbourne Apple Admins for Thursday 28th September at REA
#franken-macadmins Meetup in Nuremberg, Germany, next meeting is on 9/28, for more info visit us over at #franken-macadmins
Netherlands Apple Admins will meet Thursday 9/28 at 1:30, at LAI in Schiedam, the Netherlands

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