Episode 33: Armin Briegel

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 33: Armin Briegel


After a roundtable on Punycode, SSL Certificates, and the AppleSeed Program, the team talks to Armin Briegel, freelance consultant and author of Packaging for Apple Administrators and Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators

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Links & Notes


Punycode Phishing Attacks in the News

Chrome 58 & SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt

Appleseed Program

Insert Graphic On Certificate Common Name here.

Packaging for Apple Administrators – Armin Briegel

Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators – Armin Briegel

How not to bad things with autopkg

Gary Larizza’s Post

Community Calendar

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Aces Conference in Phoenix, AZ May 31 – June 1
MacDevOps:YVR in Vancouver, Canada Jun 4-6 17
MacDeployment in Calgary, Canada Jun 8-9 17
PSU Mac Admins in State College, PA July 11-14
JNUC in Minneapolis, MN October 24-26


Mac DMV – May 3rd @ Apple Reston
Melbourne Apple Admins – May 4th @ CultureAmp
Mac Admins Monthly – May 9th @ Google New York
Utah Mac Managers Meeting with Jesse Endahl of Fleetsmith – Wed, May, 17th @ 11 AM MDT
Austin Apple Admins – Week of May 15th, looking for speakers, please contact Dr. Emily Kausalik, @emily on Slack.
Leiden, the Netherlands – May 18th – 6 PM

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