Episode 32: iOS 10.3 and Classroom 2.0 with Fraser Speirs

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 32: iOS 10.3 and Classroom 2.0 with Fraser Speirs


This week we welcome iOS Admin/Luminary Fraser Speirs to the pod to talk about the new iOS Admin features in iOS 10.3, Classroom 2.0 with ad-hoc classes, and the future of iOS for admin uses.

Your Hosts:

Our Guest:

  • Fraser Speirs, Apple Distinguished Educator & Head of Secondary, Cedars School. [@fraserspeirs]


Links & Notes

Blog: Speirs.org
Regular podcasts: Canvas & Out of School

iOS 10.3

Apple Classroom 2.0

iOS 10.3
  • New restrictions
  • Limit Wifi to specified networks
  • New OS update rules
  • No longer requires supervision and DEP, just supervision
  • New MDM commands – InstallASAP – starts to nag the user
  • Apple Classroom Built In
  • MDM-enabled Lost Mode can play sounds
Apple Classroom 2.0
  • No longer requires MDM support or supervision on pupil devices
  • Ad-hoc handshaking
  • Pupils can refuse screen and Airplay control or locking control.
  • The notion of a “current class”
  • Appears as AirPlay target
  • Manual groups in the class also appear
Thoughts on iOS 11

Neil Cybart: The Mac is Turning Into Apple’s Achilles’ Heel

  • The world is moving past the Mac whether iOS is ready or not.
  • iPad urgently needs to accommodate some proportion of “pro” users
  • Article notes that 70% of the Mac user base rarely/never touch a “pro app”.
  • These people should be on iOS already.

Future of Workflow?
Whither Sal Soghoian?
Canvas 22: Workflow: The Basics
Canvas 23: Workflow: Variables & Built-In Actions
Canvas 24: Workflow: Third Party Actions
Canvas 25: Workflow: Web APIs
Canvas 26: Workflow: Advanced Workflow Programming
Canvas 27: Workflow: Advance Workflow Programming Part II
Canvas 29: Workflow: Magic Variables

Next steps of Swift Playgrounds
  • API expansion already happening (MapKit)
  • Aggressively tracking language standard
  • Authoring on iOS enhanced in last update (author multi page Playgrounds)
  • Needs a UI builder?
  • Multi-file project support
  • Look to Pythonista

TapTyping – typing trainer suite – Flairify LLC

Theft & Loss Recovery

Theft & Loss Recovery for iOS Users

  • Encrypted iCloud Backups after iOS 10 are awesome.
  • Lost Mode for MDM-capable devices is great (as long as they have cellular or know a lot of Wi-Fi networks)
  • Building a trusted system requires that you need not just one great password, but a couple good ones.
  • (I always know my Apple ID password, login password, and 2FA Backup passwords, the rest I leave to Keychain)
  • Can a password-less future get here soon enough?
1:1 Program History:

The iPad Project: How It’s Going
The iPad Project: Day One
The iPad Project Day Two
The iPad Project Day Six: The Hamiltonian Cycle
The iPad Project: The Night Before Christmas
The iPad Project: What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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