Episode 2: In Depth with iOS 9.3

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 2: iOS 9.3 and Beyond

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Discussed Links:

iOS 9.3 at Apple.com

Useful tools for LDIF Conversion as part of Managed Apple IDs:
LDIF to CSV Swift Converter
Export AD Objects as LDIF Files

Supervision on Lock Screen
Supervision in Settings App

Classroom in the App Store

Classroom Help

Apple and ConnectED

Caching Service in Server 5.1

Caching Service 5.1

Server 5.0 Command Line Arguments to stop iCloud Cache

Adam Bridge Photography

USB3 to Camera Adapter

Multi User MIMO talk from WLAN Professionals

Other Interesting Links

Fraser Speirs on Classroom

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Episode 1: It Begins

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 1: It Begins

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Discussed Links:

Apple Blacklists Own Ethernet Driver

Making Google Work at the Login Window

Google and SSO

iOS 9.3 Preview at Apple.com

Our Guests:

The Penn State University Mac Admins Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Justin Elliott
  • Gretchen Kuwahara
  • Dave Test
  • Rusty Myers (in spirit)

A lively discussion with Tom and Adam ensues with the wonderful people in charge of this year’s Penn State University Mac Admins Conference, running 27-30 June 2016 in State College, PA.

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