Month: February 2019

  • Episode 112 of the Mac Admins Podcast

    Episode 112: Live From Seattle!

    This week, a special episode of the Mac Admins Podcast, taped at Dropbox in Seattle! Tom sat down with four IT Leaders in the Seattle Mac Admins community to talk about careers, leadership, and the advice we all wish we'd had.

  • Episode 111 of the Mac Admins Podcast

    Episode 111: Pennsylvania Dreaming

    Synopsis: Gretchen Kuwahara and Rusty Myers of Mac Admins at Penn State join the pod this week to talk about the 2019 Mac Admins Conference! Your Hosts: Tom Bridge, Partner, […]

  • Episode 110

    Episode 110: You Spin Me

    Synopsis: Charles and Tom have a lot on their minds, from 10.14.3, to Adobe licensing, to the 35th anniversary of the Mac. Your Hosts: Tom Bridge, Partner, Technolutionary LLC [@tbridge] […]

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