Episode 3: Experience, Training & Certifications

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 3: Experience, Training and Certifications


Our hosts talk about experience, training and certification, as well as laying out their origin stories, and unique paths toward sysadmin life, from help desk to company owner, from grad student assistant to management track. Together, they fight crime.

Your Hosts:

Discussed Links:

* Apple: MTC/ACSP
* Wireless: CWNA
* Networking: CCNA

Branding the JSS
How to Dig Into Self Service
Further Branding of Self Service

Command Control Power Podcast

Krebs on Security: Raspberry Pi Hack can Brick iPhones

Fill Out Your Timesheet, Get a Beer

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Episode 1: It Begins

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 1: It Begins

Your Hosts:

Discussed Links:

Apple Blacklists Own Ethernet Driver

Making Google Work at the Login Window

Google and SSO

iOS 9.3 Preview at Apple.com

Our Guests:

The Penn State University Mac Admins Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Justin Elliott
  • Gretchen Kuwahara
  • Dave Test
  • Rusty Myers (in spirit)

A lively discussion with Tom and Adam ensues with the wonderful people in charge of this year’s Penn State University Mac Admins Conference, running 27-30 June 2016 in State College, PA.

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We’ll be in iTunes and Stitcher later this week, but in the meantime, here’s Episode 1. If you want to add us directly to your Podcast client, add the feed http://macadmins.libsyn.com/rss