Episode 359: Mac@Cisco – A Mac Admins Perspective

Most of us will have seen or heard about Fletcher Previn’s presentation at JNUC 2023 around the employee choice program at Cisco, and how the numbers stack up for offering the mac. This presentation, and Fletcher’s previous presentations for IBM were described from the perspective of the executives and decision makers, and you our dear listeners will be all too aware that implementing a successful program such as this requires a lot of effort, enthusiasm and collaboration at an engineering level to deliver the outcomes that the stakeholders want for the users. We thought it would be great to hear about what this program at looked like from the inside, so we are fortunate to have Jacob Davidson and Nicole Nolen from the mac@Cisco team to speak to us.



  • Jacob Davidson, Lead Engineer, Mac@Cisco – LinkedIn
  • Nicole Nolen, Content Design Manager – LinkedIn




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