Episode 132: Greg Neagle’s Panoply of Python


Greg Neagle joins the pod this week to talk about the state of everything as we go through beta season.

Your Hosts:

  • Tom Bridge, Partner, Technolutionary LLC [@tbridge777]
  • Charles Edge, Director of Marketplace, Jamf [@cedge318]
  • Marcus Ransom, Technical Delivery Manager, CompNow [@marcusransom]

Our Guest:

  • Greg Neagle, Private Citizen

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Links & Notes

Relocatable Python

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Episode 15: Autopkg, Trust & You

MacAdmins.org Podcast, Episode 15: Autopkg, Trust and You

Your Hosts:

Guest Hosts:

Greg Neagle, Primary Contributor to Autopkg, [@gregneagle]



Autopkg 0.7/1.0 adds a few changes that you should be aware of, including additional trust settings. We discuss the new features and how you should prepare.

Links & Notes

Recipe Auditing, Security & Maintenance from autopkg-discuss
Response from Elliot Jordan
Response from Greg Neagle with audit verb
Autopkg Trust

How Not To Do Bad Things With Autopkg
Video of HNTDBTWA from MacDevOpsYVR

Munki Wiki

How Munki Decides What Needs To Be Installed

Autopkg Recipe Overrides

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